Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas in California!

We celebrated a belated Christmas with our family and friends in California over the weekend. We attempted to take Kiley ice skating for the very first time, but it didn't go as well as planned. She did one lap around the rink while Joey held her, and skated a few feet, then demanded to "take her skates off." We tried to take her out on the ice a few more times, but she was not interested. She had more fun observing Daddy and our friends, Alicia and Hunter, skate. Oh well...we will just try again in a few months.

Kiley did enjoy seeing Grandpa Joe and Grandma Hali's Christmas tree, as well as opening all the gifts Santa left for her at their house. She also had fun helping Grandpa Tadek blow out the candles on his birthday (60th!!!) cake, and checking out the tree at Grandpa Tadek and Grandma Aga's house. And of course, she loved all the presents Santa left for her at their house too.