Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope you all had a great Easter. We spent part of the day with Grandma Laurie and Great-grandma Betsy at a brunch at Siena Golf Club. Kiley was extremely entertained by Grandma Betsy's hat and necklace, and Grandma Laurie's glasses. After brunch, we walked around outside looking for ducks that like to swim in the little pond by the golf course. Will was passed out the entire time, except when he wanted a little brunch of his own.

When we got home, we did our egg hunt. Usually we like to do it in the morning, but having two kids that need to be dressed and out the door by a certain time takes a lot more time and effort than it did with one, so we decided to do the hunt in the afternoon instead of rushing first thing in the morning.

Kiley loved searching for eggs and opening her basket at the end. She really liked all the candy, but I think she loved her bubble stick even more. Will, again, was passed out the entire time during the festivities so big sis had to open his basket for him.

Enjoy the pic overload: